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Embroidery Patterns

Colored Garden Quilt Pattern BFS-102
Flower applique, embroidery or crayon quilt pattern.
K.C. Turtle Through Another Year Quilt Pattern BFS-110
Applique and embroidery quilt pattern.
Home for the Holidays Embroidery Pillow Pattern TBM-1208
Embroidery pillow pattern for the holidays.
Snowy Days Embroidery Pillow Pattern TBM-1207
Embroidery pillow pattern for winter.
June Mug Rug Quilt Pattern BMB-1102
Candle mat quilt pattern for the month of June.
May Mug Rug Quilt Pattern BMB-1101
Candle mat quilt pattern for the month of July.
Dream Pillow Pattern OUV-S38
Stitchery pillow pattern.
Redwork Winter Quilt Pattern BAD-067
Redwork quilt pattern for Winter.
Baseball Song Embroidery Pillow Pattern TBM-3508
Pillow pattern with the baseball song embroidered.
Princess Pillow Pattern TBM-3517
Princess embroidery pillow pattern.
Kindness Matters Embroidery Pattern TBM-3576
Embroidery pattern that is perfect for framing.
I've Been Good Embroidery Pillowcase Pattern TBM-3609
Embroidery pillowcase for the holidays.
Flaky Friends Embroidery Pattern TBM-1209
Quick embroidery pattern for Winter.
Dear Santa Embroidery Pillow Pattern TBM-1217
Christmas embroidery pattern.
Child of God Embroidery Pillowcase Pattern TBM-3762
Embroidery pillowcase pattern.
Baseball & Life Embroidery Pillow Pattern TBM-3536
Baseball embroidery pattern for a boy's room.
Two Front Teeth Pillowcase Pattern TBM-3633
Tooth fairy pillowcase pattern.
The Way it Started Embroidery Pattern TBM-3513
Wedding sampler embroidery pattern.