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Pieced Quilt Patterns

Triple Fall Treat Quilt Pattern BF-504
Trio quilt pattern for Fall.
Winward Ho! Quilt Pattern BCC-225
Easy pieced quilt pattern.
Diamond Lap Quilt Pattern CJC-48631
Easy strip pieced quilt pattern.
It's a Compliment Quilt Pattern BL2-115
Pieced quilt pattern that comes in three sizes.
Berry Squares Quilt Pattern BL2-114
Quick and easy quilt pattern.
American Legends Bluework Quilt Pattern BAD-063
Bluework quilt pattern that pays tribute to legendary figures.
Grandmother's House and Garden Quilt Pattern BAD-057
Cute little redwork quilt pattern.
As the Wind Blows Quilt Pattern PDG-108
Pieced quilt pattern.
Stacks of Presents Quilt Pattern PC-185
This fun quilt pattern creates the illusion of depth.
Cartwheels on the Prairie Quilt Pattern PBJ-104
Pieced quilt pattern that comes in 2 sizes.
Home for Christmas Quilt Pattern LSC-1703
Easy pieced and appliqued quilt pattern for any season.
Crab Quilt Pattern CQ-090
Cute crab quilt pattern.
Karma Spirit Quilt Pattern CJC-48181
Easy to make quilt pattern.
Easy Dozen Quilt Pattern CJC-48581
Quick and easy quilt pattern.
Ten Trips Pinata Quilt Pattern CJC-46124
Fat quarter friendly quilt pattern.
Flamingos ala Andy Quilt Pattern FID-858
Quilt that is inspired by Andy Warhol's art.
Floorplan Quilt Pattern KRD-039
Scrappy quilt pattern.
Parallel Quilt Pattern KRD-036
Modern lap and throw quilt pattern.