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Brensan Found Fabrics

How Found Fabrics work

Found Fabric Projects is all about repurposing fabric. The source of the fabric can be another garment, curtains, linens, tablecloths, etc. Whatever the original item was, it becomes Found Fabric. With this technique, you cut items up, create a Found Fabric Stash, then create fun and beautiful projects from your personal Found Fabric Stash.

These project sheets are NOT patterns. You need to have an existing pattern to apply these techniques to. You will sometimes be instructed to draw in design lines, add your seam allowances and trace off your "New" pattern pieces. You could be cutting rectangles of various sizes, putting them together and cutting entire garment sections from your pieced fabric. The instructions are customized to the type of garment to be made.

Found Fabric Project: Scrappy Rag Jacket BSS-605e
Turn tiny bits of fun fabrics into a fabulous Rag Jacket!
Found Fabric Projects: Gypsy Jacket BSS-604e
Project sheet detailing how to use re-purposed fabrics to make a jacket.
Found Fabric Project: Wool Swing Jacket BSS-603e
Project sheet detailing how to use re-purposed fabrics to make a swing jacket.
Found Fabric Project: Hi-Lo Shell BSS-602e
Project sheet detailing using re-purposed fabrics to make a Sleeveless Shell.
Found Fabric Project: Purple Pagoda BSS-601e
A project sheet to be used with the Pagoda Jacket pattern.