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Wool Painting By Numbers


Kits and Patterns Available

No prior experience necessary!



                                                                                     Fox Inspired by Sarafina Fiber Art

Introduction to Wool Needle Felting

Like most of you out there, I love crafting and always have. I became proficient in Oils, Watercolor and Acrylic painting. Then I found quilting in 1997. I immediately started designing quilts and quickly moved into teaching. Over the past 20 years I explored many avenues of quilting and eventually I took my designs to market. Up to date, I have had 350 designs marketed for quilts, wall hangings and bags.

Always wanting to grow and continue to learn other mediums, I tried Wool Needle Felting. I absolutely fell in love with it. I started with 3D sculptures and I knew I had found a new passion. I gravitated towards 2D felting as it felt like I was painting again. And my wool painting designs bloomed. My style has always been adult whimsical, so that has carried over into my felt designs. So I am still doing what I love, bringing my paintings to life in another art form.

Wool needle felting is simply manipulating wool with a needle into 2D (flat or semi-dimensional wall) to 3D sculptures.

Wet needle felting is using the aid of water to shrink and entangle the wool into a flat surface wool creations. You can use this technique for scarves, rugs, cloth, doll cloths, vessels, hats, slippers etc.

I have chosen to work mostly with 2D wall art. I find it very similar to painting. Your palette of colors is infinite as you mix wool colors for an ever exciting range. The motion of stabbing with a needle is soothing and relaxing. And you have the added bonus of a piece of art when you are finished.

Introduction to My Style of Wool Needle Felting


----Barb Sackel’s Recommended Tools for patterns


----Barb Sackel’s Description of Wool


----Mushroom Tutorial for her techniques



You do not need any prior experience before trying one of my kits. The patterns are laid out with short explanations and pictures to follow along with. Using the step by step instructions your piece of art will develop right before your eyes.

The kits contain some unique blends of fiber that you will not find anywhere else. I use a Carder to mix colors that I think will enhance the project.


Mushroom Background 5" x 7"                                                        



Click Here to Download a FREE Rice Bag Pattern!

FREE Rice Bag Pattern for Wool Needle Felting BS3-FREE1
Rice Bag for Wool Needle Felting.
Goldfish Wool Kit BS3-106K
Wool Kit for Goldfish Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-106.
Goldfish Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-106
Wool needle felting pattern. It is like paint by number only with wool.
Mushroom Wool Kit BS3-110K
Mushroom Wool Kit and Pattern.
Peeking Pumpkin Mice Wool Kit BS3-102K
Wool Kit for Peeking Pumpkin Mice Wool Painting Pattern BS3-102.
Peeking Pumpkin Mice Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-102
Easy and fun wool needle felting pattern. It is like paint by number only...
Stacked Coffee Cups Wool Kit BS3-108K
Wool Kit for Stacked Coffee Cups Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-108.
Stacked Coffee Cups Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-108
Make your own background and create your piece of art from there.
Sweet Owl Wool Kit BS3-105K
Wool Kit for Sweet Owl Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-105.
Sweet Owl Wool Needle Felting Pattern BS3-105
Create your own piece of art with this easy and fun pattern.