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QOTG - Quilting on the Grid - Mary Grover

Mary Grover’s business, Quilting on the Grid, is a result of her lack of patience and lack of money! "I always wanted to make quilts, but don’t have the patience for all of the hand work required and don’t have the money to purchase one of those long-arm machines used by a lot of quilters," said Mary when asked why she felt the need to develop a new and unique method of quilting.

Mary began tinkering with a new method of quilting about 7 or 8 years ago when she lived in Anchorage, Alaska. One of her neighbors was a "quilt artist" who made beautiful quilts which were indeed works of art. They required hours and hours of hand work or a long-arm machine to complete. Mary continued her tinkering to develop this method after she moved to Meridian, Idaho, in 2009. Yes, Mary’s quilts are smaller as they are designed for sewers and beginning quilters, but her quilts have the added result of being designed to be reversible.

"Like a lot of people I have met over the years," Mary said, "I love the colors and fabrics used in quilting and the different effects they produce in the piecework; but just could not see myself taking the time required to produce a quilt the traditional way or even with the help of a quilting machine." She added that she had met a lot of people who wanted to make quilts, who had even taken classes and purchased fabric, maybe even completed the top, but had never finished the quilt. She put her "crafty" mind to work to find a different way of making quilts. Her husband, Warren, said that she should have been an engineer because she is able to look at most problems, analyze them, and come up with a solution. He referred to this as her "crafty" mind because she is always working on at least three different projects or crafts at any one time. This past winter, Mary came up with a way to refinish all of the cabinets in their home without stripping them or sanding; they now have cabinets that look new and match the western Idaho decor Mary has established throughout their home.

After all of these years, the result of Mary analyzing this problem with her engineering or "crafty" mind, is a method that allows anyone who can sew a straight line to make a quilt. The key to this patented procedure is a patent-pending foundation with gridlines on both sides. The sewer follows our designs and places strips of fabric on both sides of the foundation and sews them on the foundation at the same time. By this method, the fabric is attached and quilted at the same time. Thus, one can produce a true, reversible quilt or they could simply make a one-sided quilt and sew a covering fabric on the other side. If it is used to produce a reversible quilt, this method allows each side its own unique pattern, design, and colors. Mary notes that more traditional quilters might not feel that this method truly produces a quilt, but she points out that the definition of quilting is "the sewing of two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material," and that her method does accomplish this.

To date, Mary has been able to produce quilts using many of the standard quilting blocks such as the Log Cabin or the Carpenter Star and has designed over 30 quilting patterns to be used in this method. While you can use her method to produce quilts of any size, Mary is specializing in quilts for wall hangers, front door quilts, and table runners. She noted, "I don’t want anyone to be overwhelmed by trying to produce a bed-sized quilt, although they could do it this way; so far I have produced patterns for quilts that are smaller: 20" x 20" front-door quilts, 5" x 5" mug rugs, 14" x 58" table runners and 36" x 32" wall hangings—all of which are true reversible quilts. Using the Quilting On The Grid Method™ and Foundation, you can easily become a quilter and feel the satisfaction that comes with making your first quilt."

Mary is available for teaching. Visit her website below for more information.


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