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Ellen Lumpkin Brown - The Doll Loft

Ellen Brown I am Ellen Lumpkin Brown, the founder of the Doll Loft and author of Doll Fashionistas! - Sewing Stylish Dolls and their Wardrobes. I am totally passionate about sewing!  I've been sewing most of my life - my mother and grandmother taught me the basics and I started making my own clothes in junior high school.  From those early days, sewing made me feel powerful!  I knew I had the ability to make what I wanted - clothes, curtains, pillows, quilts - whatever!  I never felt at the mercy of what I found on the shop shelves.

When I began my career in finance, I stopped sewing, I didn't have time.  But later, when my sons came along, I opened up the machine and began sewing again making quilts, costumes and toys for them.  Their plush toys led a me to experiment with dolls - maybe because all of my children were boys - who knows??  I am a self-taught dollmaker.  I love making dolls - I think it harkens back to that feeling of empowerment when I first began to sew.  The girls in my neighborhood began to visit my sewing room where we would make clothes for the dolls - they would draw outfits and we would stitch them up together.  I could see how much they enjoyed it and I did too! The experience was especially meaningful to me because I knew that they would not learn to sew in school like I did.

Doll Fashion Art Coloring Book TDL-901
A fun and relaxing coloring book for all ages!
Belt & Suspenders Skirt Pattern TDL-2003
Adorable skirt pattern with suspenders.
Square Neckline Dress Pattern TDL-2002
Cute tween dress pattern.
Drawstring Raglan Tee Pattern TDL-2001
A cute tween top.
Washable Lady Products Light Bladder Leaks Protection Pattern TDL-1004
Reusable menstrual pads pattern for light bladder leaks.
Washable Lady Products Circle Pad Especially for Teens and Tweens Pattern TDL-1003
Reusable menstrual pad pattern for teens and tweens.
Washable Lady Products Thong Pad Pattern TDL-1002
Reusable menstrual thong pad pattern.
Washable Lady Products Regular Pad Pattern TDL-1001
Reusable menstrual regular and maxi pads.
Left Bank Cafe Tops & Pants Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-717
This fun doll clothing pattern comes with a t-shirt, top, pants and beret.
The Westside Shirt, Pencil Skirt and Shopper Tote Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-716
Fun doll clothing pattern that includes a shirt, skirt, and tote.
Applique Jumper & Leggings Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-719
This fun doll pattern includes 2 crayon applique options.
Spice Market Tunic Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-720
This fun doll clothing pattern comes with a tunic, skinny pants and a scarf.
Lake Shore Dress and Hairband Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-718
The Lake Shore Dress doll clothing pattern includes a bonus hair band.
The Picnic Dress Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-700
This easy to follow Picnic Dress Doll pattern includes an embellished tote.
Perfect Slippers for Girls and Dolls Pattern TDL-401e
This pattern includes instructions for cute slippers for girls and their 18"...
Pride and Service Doll Clothing Pattern TDL-317e
A wardrobe for American girl and Springfield Collection dolls inspired by our...