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Quilt Patterns by Helle-May Cheney of Helle-May Designs

Helle-May Cheney's background includes a degree in engineering and a childhood spent in her mother's fabric store. She enjoys bringing design,  geometry, color, and technique together to produce a work of art - much like a well engineered/designed building - but much prettier to look at!  Since 2007, she has been based on the East Coast.  Helle-May is currently a member of  The Courthouse Quilters, based in Frenchtown, NJ.  She is excited to share her passion,  ideas, and designs with other quilters! Visit her web page at
Shooting Stars Quilt Pattern HMD-119
Stunning quilt pattern.
Ice Stars Quilt Pattern HMD-118
Pieced twin quilt pattern.
Starchaser Runner Pattern HMD-116
This fun table runner is perfect for any special gathering.
Norwegian Winter Quilt Pattern HMD-117
Get ready for winter, no hats and gloves required!
Patriot Stars Table Ensemble Pattern HMD-113
Quilt pattern includes a table runner and four placemats.
Maple Swirl Quilt Pattern HMD-115
This stunning quilt pattern is fun and easy.
Star Chaser Quilt Pattern HMD-114
This pattern could adorn your wall or tabletop anytime of year.
Snowy Pines Table Runner Pattern HMD-111
Snow covered pine trees are foundation-pieced for a fast and easy holiday...
Dandelion Wine Quilt Pattern HMD-102
Triangles cut from strip-sets serve double duty by creating a built-in border...
Driftwood Quilt Pattern HMD-104
Paper piecing the saw-tooth border in the main block and the outer border...
Folk Dance Quilt Pattern HMD-107
Another quilt pattern inspired by Scandavian knit sweaters.
Friendship Parade Quilt Pattern HMD-109
Friendship star blocks and sashing make this quilt pattern sparkle!
Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Pattern HMD-105
Quilt pattern was inspired by Scandinavian-style knit sweaters.
Scandinavian Sky Quilt Pattern HMD-106
Inspired by Scandinavian-style knit sweaters, this quilt pattern makes a...
Stars in the Pond Quilt Pattern HMD-110
This pieced on-point quilt pattern is fun and easy!
Treasure Chest Quilt Pattern HMD-103
The Geometric Puzzle Block takes on a new look with the use of jewel-toned...