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Quilt Patterns by Laurel Reinhardt, Labyrinth Quilt

It was losing my walking labyrinth when I moved from the Twin Cities to Asheville in 2001 which prompted me to design and begin making these quilts. I didn’t have a lot of quilting or design experience at the time, but I had had a grandmother who quilted, I had a gift for geometry, and I had the desire. (I actually stayed up late one night making the design, and went to Walmart at 2:30am to get the fabric to make the prototype.) The labyrinth is a great metaphor for the journey of life: you enter with hopes and dreams, which you may lose or drop as you walk your life path and then, when you get to the center—YOUR CENTER (which you achieve by slowing down)—you are once again able to listen to the still small voice (or great booming voice) within; then, on the way back out, you once again have your focus of what you wish to bring back into the world with you.  Visit my website at
Octagonal Labyrinth Quilt Pattern IL-101
The Octagonal Labyrinth Quilt pattern is a pieced rendition of the labyrinth...