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Quilt Patterns by Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson is the designer who founded Now that she has moved on to other things here's what Ann has to say!

Well, I really wanted to be Wonder Woman © DC Comics. I am super tall and am past 50 and have a son and a daughter. I fell in love with quilting when I took a class from Sandy Fox at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Natural History in 1976. I made my first log cabin block and was hooked.

When I left graduate school in Biology, I thought of doing a quilt business and proceeded to make a lot of sample pillows but I wasn't able to see how I could make a living at it. So, I went to work in the computer industry - selling and marketing. Quilting took a rest for about 10 years until was laid off - Oh no! Not me. I again took up quilting - to save my sanity. This time I did not put it down. I even finished the log cabin quilt started in 1976. It was for my daughter who was in kindergarten when I started. It was finally a high school graduation present.

I did go back to work in the computer industry for another ten years but also kept on quilting. When I created the Floating Amish pattern my guild was very encouraging so I self published a book which has been selling on a limited basis. My guild also liked the photo transfers of the Sunbonnet Sues. With good feedback from my guild, I decided to do something I really wanted to do. It also occurred to me that there are many people - mostly women - who also have quilting patterns and ideas which are not being marketed. I could provide a place where they could also earn money doing something they love.

Amish Jazz Quilt Pattern AA-23
This jazzy Amish quilt pattern comes in four sizes from baby to queen.
Chinese Puzzle Quilt Pattern AA-14
This quilt pattern is for the Advanced Beginner or higher due to the need for...
Dancing Around Quilt Pattern AA-21
Interweaving borders capture a playful spirit on this baby quilt.
Floating Amish Quilt Pattern AA-06
The Floating Amish Sampler pattern is designed to allow you to create a quilt...
Floating Treasures Quilt Pattern AA-07
Quilt pattern is designed to be used with fabric where an interesting image...
Irish Jig Quilt Pattern AA-08
This pattern is very easy and suitable for a beginner.
Italian Tiles Quilt Pattern AA-11
Projects include two table toppers or wall quilts, two runners and a placemat.
Jelly Boxes Quilt Pattern AA-019
The Jelly Boxes quilt pattern can be made with Jelly Roll Strips or fat...
KwiltKakes Pattern AA-10
Pattern to make a cake out of quilting tools and fabrics.
Marble Pools Quilt Pattern AA-20
Pattern uses one simple block in two color ways.
Moonlight Windows Quilt Pattern AA-15
Moonlight Windows is your opportunity to display a large scale print to a...
On the Edge Tablecloth Pattern AA-12
This booklet contains our innovative technique for mitered finishes.
Rippling Logs Quilt Pattern AA-24
Rippling Logs quilt pattern comes in three sizes from baby to queen.
Sticks and Stones Quilt Pattern AA-26
Quilt pattern with hexagons has NO inset seams. Four sizes, from baby to king.
Stoneworks Quilt Pattern AA-16
Stoneworks is a lovely quilt pattern inspired by the floor tiles in St....
The Ring Quilt Pattern AA-25
Quilt pattern with a circle motif. Four different sizes from baby to king.
Woven Windows Quilt Pattern AA-22
Woven Windows quilt pattern uses a large-scale print and two contrasting...