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BAD - Betty Alderman Designs - Betsy Alderman Lewis

Hello there!

I'm Betsy Alderman Lewis, owner of Betty Alderman Designs, originally founded by my mother, Betty. Mom was an author and prolific quilt pattern designer known for her sunbonnet quilt designs. She was also recognized as one of the “ladies of redwork”.

I worked for Betty Alderman Designs for many years, assisting with shipping, editing, proofing, and even co-writing the very successful booklet, “A Century of Sunbonnets” in 1997. Before she passed away in 2012, mom sold me the business, along with all of her designs.

But it wasn't until a year later that I decided to reboot Betty Alderman Designs. Currently, all of mom's patterns (over 70 commercially produced designs), sketchbooks, and other designs, are being reviewed for possible re-imagining and reprinting. Some are now complete, with more on the horizon. I'm also in the process of designing brand new patterns for Betty Alderman's a real blast!

I feel very fortunate to have in my possession a majority of the quilts (close to 150 total, mostly wall hangings) that Betty made. Following her death, I documented and photographed every one of the quilts...a bittersweet journey that taught me a great deal about color choices, layout, embroidery, design, etc. It's wonderful to be involved with the design process and associate with the many wonderful, talented people in the quilting world.

This modern era, filled with an extensive variety of beautiful fabrics and helpful tools, is a thrilling time for Betty Alderman Designs to share our patterns with a new generation of quilters. Visit our site often to see what's new. We promise you'll always find patterns that inspire your creativity and enhance your quilting experience.


The Rollup for Coloring Pattern BAD-801
Nifty accessory to have for every coloring book.
The Rollup Pattern BAD-800
A nifty accessory to hold all your sewing or makeup tools.
Redwork Winter Quilt Pattern BAD-067
Redwork quilt pattern for Winter.
New York Basket Quilt Pattern BAD-107
Vintage applique quilt pattern.
Pitcher Perfect Quilt Pattern BAD-082
Applique wall hanging quilt pattern.
12 Days of Redwork Christmas Quilt Pattern BAD-078
Recreate the 12 Days of Christmas with this redwork quilt pattern.
American Legends Bluework Quilt Pattern BAD-063
Bluework quilt pattern that pays tribute to legendary figures.
Baskets of Redwork Quilt Pattern BAD-062
Lap and throw redwork quilt pattern.
Grandmother's House and Garden Quilt Pattern BAD-057
Cute little redwork quilt pattern.
Mother Goose Redwork Embroidery Pattern BAD-050
Embroidery quilt pattern.
Nursery Rhyme Blue Work Embroidery Pattern BAD-044
Nursery embroidered quilt pattern.
A Petite Heirloom Quilt Pattern BAD-033
Applique and embroidery quilt pattern.
One Hip Chick Bag Pattern BAD-212
Redwork embroidery bag pattern.
Teapot Collection Quilt Pattern BAD-045
Vintage teapot collection quilt pattern.
"Lavender" Redwork Sachet Pattern BAD-210
Lovely redwork embroidery sachet pattern.
"Mother" Redwork Sachet Pattern BAD-209
Redwork embroidery quilt pattern.
A Glamping We Will Go Quilt Pattern BAD-207
Cute applique quilt pattern pattern.
Welcome to My Cabin Embroidery Quilt Pattern BAD-206
A embroidery quilt pattern that is perfect to hang on your door.
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