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LHA - Light Heart Arts - Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson Anne's love of the visual arts and all things creative (and often small) began with making Troll clothes. Her sister, Kathy, and herself had a Troll village in their bedroom and every Troll needed clothes, beds, pets, food (usually a pink eraser cut like meat), pets and their own little felt stuffed animals. Anne still has the Trolls in an old Girl Scout cookie sales box (She is the sentimental type) and can still remember a few of their names. Did any of you play with trolls? Barbies? Little eraser animals...back in the 60's? Anne's trolls ate pink erasers as ham and even had genealogies. Thinking up something fun and new has always been a joy. Cheerful colors, uplifting messages and whimsical designs are her favorites. Anne absolutely love all forms of the visual arts.

Anne was born in Massachusetts and has lived in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and now the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Clothing and Textiles. Anne and her husband, Jeff have 6 children and (currently) 5 grandchildren and that is a joy! Now that they are grown Anne has time to be the owner, creative director, manager, sheep wardrobe planner (haha), photographer...and everything else of Light Heart Arts. Doing it yourself has its downside (especially the tech side) but...she is thankful for the opportunity to learn something new - even by trial and error (lots of the latter)! It's a wonderful life!


Totally Crazy Quilt Banner Pattern LHA-120
Funky banner quilt pattern.
Burrito Babies New Baby Pattern LHA-111
Cute ornament or new baby gift pattern.
Above the Fruited Plains Quilt Pattern LHA-106
Quilt pattern that was inspired by the view from an airplane window.
Heirloom Angel Pattern LHA-103
Heirloom Angel Pattern LHA-103
Huggles and Snugs Quilt Pattern LHA-104
Fun and easy quilt pattern.
Mermaid Beach Bag Pattern LHA-102
Roomy beach bag pattern.
Quilt Fairy Quilt Pattern LHA-101
Whimsical quilt pattern.
Totally Crazy Quilt Pattern LHA-116
Applique quilt pattern that comes in multiple sizes.